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7 Most Dangerous Lies about Your Hair Products

They’re not telling you about the toxic ingredients
in the hair products sitting in your bathroom
cabinet right now that could harm you!

In the next 27 minutes, 100 people will face health problems due to the insincere unconventional decisions of the hair care companies and those powers that be that approve their products! But during this time, you can discover safer, more natural, yet virtually unknown alternatives that could have saved 95 of them from the suffering and pain they’ve experienced...

Just think; one of them might be YOU! Save yourself a lot of pain, discomfort, money, time — and maybe even your own life.

Get the real story here, right now. . .

In the next few
minutes, you could

tick Skin Disease
tick Hair Loss
tick Cancer
tick Scalp Problems

tick Respiratory Illness
tick Neurotoxicity
tick Endocrine Disruption

There's a simple first step to defeating all of these tragic offenders and more:
Stop listening to the lies of mainstream hair care companies!

Dear Mislead Friend,

They are lying to you.

The hair care companies, the officials approving their products, the mainstream media...
They are all perpetuating very dangerous beauty myths, and for all the wrong reasons. On some occasions it’s to reduce costs. Other times it’s to sell more products to you. And then there are times where they simply don’t know any better. Here’s something to think about: Just because your hair dresser or the hair care companies don’t know they’re wrong doesn’t mean what they’re doing can’t harm or kill you.

In fact, in the next 27 minutes, 100 people just like you could be suffering from neurotoxicity aka harm to the brain and nervous system that could cause developmental delays or even damage to the nerves! People’s health is suffering simply because they are using toxic products on a daily basis that are doing more harm than good and they have no idea.

It’s true... Let me give you an example.

Did you know that many hair coloring products include ingredients that cause harmful side effects just like the ones I listed above? Studies on rats have been evident that these ingredients are harmful. However, I’ll share with you safer permanent hair color products with ingredients that are less toxic to your overall health. Perhaps you never realized what ingredients are in your shampoo that could harm you. There are shampoos with enhanced skin absorption that can lead to skin, eye or lung problems.

Many of the Ingredients We Use On Our Hair are also found in the Garage!

Oh, and don’t get me started on hair relaxers. Heck why not. Well you know that there are lye relaxers and no-lye relaxers... Well, lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide. Can you believe that this actual chemical that we use on our hair all in the name of beauty is actually the chemical that is also used to strip paint! It’s actually often used in the making of soap as well. And most no-lye relaxers contain calcium hydroxide, which is also used in the treatment of sewage and used in water treatment plants. Who would have thought we would not be worthy enough to have safe, natural ingredients available to us for our hair and skin.

Another chemical often found in hair relaxers is guanidine carbonate, which is also used for hair removal! I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. It also makes sense because if you leave a relaxer on your hair too long the hair will actually dissolve from your scalp. Not to mention the painful burning sensation you’ll feel if it’s left on too long. I’m sure if you’ve used any perm, relaxer or hair coloring product that you’ve experienced this unfortunate pain. WOW! What we do in the name of beauty!

There Are Solutions!

But the mainstream media fails to tell us that we have other options – options that I’ll disclose to you shortly.

Did you know that the federal law doesn't require that companies test the safety of the products they market and sell to you? Can you believe there are no strict safety measures in place to protect you from the toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your skin and overall health? That’s right! They don’t test the safety of the ingredients found in your hair care products! Now just think, all of those bottles of hair products sitting in your bathroom cabinet have never been tested for its safety! Companies are allowed to put any ingredient in their products even though their product could harm you!

You may have even already been told one or more of these 'killer' lies that the products sold to you in your local drug store are all safe! Ya, right! But even if you have been lied to, there's no reason you have to succumb to the misleading information the mainstream media bombards you with. Even though your favourite celebrity is plastered across your television screen waving her silky smooth hair as a result of the newest hair product craze that has worked wonders for her, doesn’t mean it’s a safe product for you. You are the informed consumer who knows better simply because you are aware of the information I’m sharing with you today.

If you keep reading, you'll discover these '7 tragic lies' the mainstream beauty industry is feeding to you. You’ll discover all of this information hidden from you that is now revealed - straight from my files containing heavy duty research that I’ve compiled and am about to disclose to you right here – today! This information can save you from the fate so many of your misled friends and family members have succumbed to because of these lies...

Lie #1 “Using products given to you by your hair salon are better for your hair.”

Baloney! Most of the products that many salons give to you are nothing more than expensively marketed products from manufacturers with budgets to burn. They overcharge you for a bunch of hype and the product is filled with toxic ingredients that you’re better off not even using. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The problem is that your hair stylist has no idea about these harmful ingredients. She/he is mainly focused on the results the product produces for you in terms of styling and the softness and sheen you get as a result of using their product recommendation. She’s hopelessly stuck with the outdated styling techniques and product recommendations she learned in beauty school or possibly from the most recent weekend seminar plagued with hype and misinformation.

Many of the products she is suggesting you use are now proven to be harmful to you. However, only a small percentage of the mainstream media are aware of the enormously huge selection of less-toxic hair care products available to them.

Keep reading because I’ll disclose how you can gain access to this massive listing of hair products that are less-toxic and safer for your hair, skin and overall health.

You are now about to discover what may be the most remarkable guide to less toxic hair products ever available

Lie #2 “Products listed as being "organic" and "natural” are very good for you because they are all-natural and don’t use chemicals.”

False! When you see companies coming out with a more natural version of their existing product beware! Many companies actually reformulate their products and list them as being natural. However, since there are no legal standards as to the use of the words “natural” or “organic” in their marketing of hair products, you – the consumer need to do your own due diligence and research thoroughly to find the real answers.

You will soon be able to replace your existing toxic hair products with the products I recommend in this book. I actually list 150+ shampoos, 140+ conditioners, 18 hair color products and 20+ baby hair products and other styling products that are much less-toxic than the conventional brands. Really, you deserve to know the truth.

Today you’ll gain access to this exclusive resource. Many would die to have a copy of this book because of the problems they are encountering with their skin, allergies, etc.

There is a young teenage girl who had reactions to almost every hair product placed on her head. Rashes and skin irritation as well as dry skin was always the result when she used popular hair care brands. After trying almost everything imaginable – even the so-called “natural products” she decided to create her own. It was the successful use on her own hair that made her realise that she had a winning product. You’ll learn about these products in this guide. Her products also helped restore some hair loss she had suffered. As you can see natural products that are made with less toxic ingredients are better for you. You can instantly learn about this young teens products inside this guide.

Lie #3 “Alcohol is a safe ingredient when accompanied with other ingredients.”

This is simply not true. Your hair can dry out and become brittle using products that containe ingredients like alcohol, sodium lauryl and sulfates. That is why many people complain that they need to find a moisturizing product, that’s because the other products they are using are damaging their hair.

Avoid using harmful products on your hair so you do not have to keep searching and probing the globe for the newest product that will tame your hair. What you’re using on your hair could be a problem. If you know what products to avoid like the plague, you’ll have more manageable hair simply because you’ve done your research. In this Lose The Toxins hair care guide I’m offering you today, your research is done for you. It’s all here!

Some Companies Are Making a Difference!

Lie #4 “There is no such thing as a savvy consumer. These are just people trying to feel important in the world!”

Ya, that’s what they’d like you to think, but you are a savvy consumer that’s why you are reading this page. You are an informed, well-educated consumer that will not be lied to again because you know what products are better for you. You know the products that are less-toxic and even know how to make some of your own natural hair products yourself with recipes like the ones I share in the book.

Companies are realizing that people just like you are taking their lives into their own hands because the hair care companies and those who approve the products that come on the market, simply don’t care. They just want to make a quick buck over our misfortune. There are companies like Whole Foods who are speaking to the need of informed consumers just like you. They know that you are smart and understand that what’s going on is wrong and you won’t take it anymore. Now companies such as Whole Foods and their “Premium Body Care” line are promoting healthy natural products and they should be commended for that.

Did you know that a group of body care experts and chemists have actually found 300 ingredients deemed could have negative health effects on you and/or cause harm to the environment? They have worked to ensure that their products don’t contain these ingredients. You’ll gain access to the exact ingredients that they deem as unsafe for you – the consumer. Don’t you think you’re worth it to be privy to this information? The list of unacceptable ingredients are commonly used in our hair products, such as sodium lauryl, laureth sulphates, parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols.

In this book, I’ll share hundreds of products in several hair care categories including shampoos, conditioners, hair moisturizers, hair oils, hair color, hair sprays, gels etc. from companies that offer less-toxic products for your hair.

Lie #5 “Skin rashes are caused by a reaction to the weather or environment.”

This may be somewhat true but many skin reactions are caused from the ingredients in the beauty care products that we use daily on our skin. Actually the ingredients DEA, MEA, and TEA – often found in beauty products actually cause allergies! Not only that but according to researchers, these chemicals also play a huge role in causing, dry skin, eye irritation and an increased risk of cancer!

Check out these other harmful product ingredients:
Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is used in shampoos and toothpastes and pretty much every consumer cleansing product available on the market. It’s actually a very harsh detergent often used as an engine degreaser and garage floor cleaner! And we are putting this in our mouth and on our hair! Not to mention formaldehyde which is used in our lotions, bath products, cosmetics, shampoos and hair straightners. Isn’t this also used in the preservation of dead bodies? Yikes!

Lie #6 “All fragrances and perfumes are safe otherwise they wouldn’t be on the market”

Since we’re talking about hair care products and know that we love hair care products that smell good, you still need to beware! Most hair products contain fragrances in order to make the product smell good to us - the consumer. We love the scent of a newly opened bottle of shampoo don’t we? Well, be advised that the fragrance you’re smelling may be harmful to your health. Don’t believe it? Well, checkout this little bit of information I gathered:

“Women Have Been Warned to Avoid Using Fragrance Products and Perfumes During Pregnancy”

Actually, pregnant women have been advised to avoid the use of perfumes and other scented body care products after researchers had released information that the products can cause unborn boys to suffer infertility or even suffer from cancer later in life.

Professor Richard Sharpe performed some research on rats and found that the reproductive system of male foetuses can actually be compromised as early as at eight weeks' gestation due to the chemicals often found in commonly used cosmetics.

Lie #7 “All organically listed products are safe”

Wrong! A lot of manufacturers have jumped onto the bandwagon of “green living” because they have realised that you – the informed consumer, is not buying their lies! They know that you care about your health and are aware that there are healthier product choices.

In this book I’ll tell you...

  • Exactly what to look for when shopping for organic products with less-toxic ingredients.
  • I’ll share with you the secret words they don’t want you to know about that should be written on the bottle of your hair product label to determine if it really is natural.
  • I’ll also reveal to you what key factor you need to look for that will let you know if you should avoid that particular product or if it’s safe to use on your skin.

Many consumers aren’t aware of these little nuggets of knowledge that could protect their health. Making simple lifestyle changes can mean the difference between living a life of discomfort, trips to the doctors, improper prescriptions, wasted money and time or a simpler, happier lifestyle that displays healthy choices.

Good News! Help Has Arrived!

In this book you’ll learn how to bypass the lies and myths given to you by the mainstream media and the hair care giants that only want your money. You’ll become so knowledgeable of the safer, less-toxic hair care ingredients that you’d be amazed that you have so many choices available to you.

End your pain now with this comprehensive guide!

Even if you don’t suffer from any skin or health ailments, why not take the steps to avoid them.

Knowledge is Power... Ignorance is Dangerous!

As I mentioned earlier in this letter, your dermatologist and even your hair dresser could be telling you harmful lies, but they may not even realise it simply because they are not as informed as you are. Just think, these potentially deadly lies could harm you!

But it isn't their fault. They simply never learned in beauty school or are aware of the health journals research about safer, less-toxic hair products that are available, but known only to an unorthodox, yet dedicated few. It's a real shame that the beauty industry is so dominated by the mighty dollar, that the skin and health problems you and I suffer due in this improperly regulated market, get swept under the rug never to be addressed.

However, just because most of those who we see as experts in the hair industry aren’t aware of the dangers of many of these unregulated ingredients affects on our hair and skin, doesn't mean that their ignorance couldn't be harming you - or someone you love. That's why in order to maintain healthy hair and skin, as well as your overall health in a world, where epidemic illnesses are on the rise, YOU – the informed consumer need to educate yourself and stay ahead of what the beauty industry is telling you.

You need a knowledgeable health source that provides you with healthier resources and information that looks out for your best interests. And that source is this guide. We want to share information that we feel you the consumer needs to know in order to live the healthiest life possible.

In this guide you’ll discover:

  1. What ingredients you should avoid in your next hair care product purchase
  2. Find out if the products your using on your hair contain this harmful ingredient found it car antifreeze!
  3. The ingredient commonly found in most shampoos. This ingredient which adjusts your PH level. This ingredient can cause allergic reactions including eye problems, dryness of hair and skin. Does the shampoo sitting in your bathroom right now contain this ingredient?
  4. This ingredient causes premature aging and is not only found in hair products but it’s commonly used in many beauty products. Are you using this right now?
  5. The carcinogenic aka toxic ingredients to avoid. I’ll share with you the ingredient that has been known in some cases to cause headaches, skin rashes and discoloration, breathing problems and more uncomfortable symptoms.
  6. The BEST PRODUCTS on the market without all of those toxic chemicals that only irritate your skin or “invisibly” penetrate your pores.
  7. How to choose healthier hair products that are less toxic.
  8. The secret recipes to making your own hair care products! Make your own shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and more!
  9. How to gain access to a comprehensive listing of safer shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring products and more for healthier hair and a healthier you!
  10. Where to get the top hair coloring product that does not contain harmful alcohol, peroxide,ammonia, or perfume. This is a rare find that is not advertised in hair salons or your local drug store. This permanent hair color choice produces natural results without the harmful ingredients.
  11. Healthier food choices to grow longer, healthier hair.
  12. Gain access to an undiscovered list of toxic ingredients this naturally organic organization says you should avoid!
  13. ...+ so much more!

You can now gain access to information that is not easily accessible through any one source.

Our product listing is HUGE! You’ll discover the exact names of the products that you should be using on your hair. We’ll even tell you where you can purchase them! Not only that, we’ll outline exactly what that product does for your hair. This guide is so unique that it’s like your own personal shopper. But best of all, we give you this guide instantly – downloaded right away to your computer in no time at all. We do this so that we can give you the convenience of gaining access to one of the most comprehensive lists of healthier more natural products because we care about you and know the importance of good health.

Just think, the cancer rates are rising and no one is giving us concrete answers as to why. We do know that chemicals in the products we consume may be harmful and can lead to disease. And neither our store clerks nor our hair dressers are really giving us the exact advice and answers we need to make healthier product choices.

Remember, the hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar business. This industry is worth $6 billion and is projected to grow to numbers beyond $7 billion into 2009. It is a fact that most hair care companies just want to make a quick buck at our expense by not caring about the ingredients in the hair products they are manufacturing.

But thank goodness there are those companies who are realizing your concern for safer and more healthier ingredients for your hair. They’ve invested the time and money not to simply make million, but they want products that are healthier for you. They want to produce products that keep their customers happy and healthy.

We want to share information that will save our readers from the pain and money wasted on dangerous products that could the harmful to them

Check out these individuals who have written in to say Thanks!

“This is a really good resource. Thank you for sharing! ... I especially like the table on what is needed for healthy hair and to manage common hair concerns list of hair products and the links to the sites and the sections on the impact of certain treatments on hair.”

Marcie Carasco

“This e-book is exactly what we need in an age when we as women are trying to take better care of ourselves. I went natural almost 4 years now and I love every moment of it. It was hard though trying to find products to use on my natural hair that were free of harmful chemicals. I stopped using relaxers because of chemicals and I did not want to use shampoos and conditioners that had chemicals as well. I did a lot of research and it took a lot of time. This e-book would have saved me a lot of time back then. This e-book is like my "little black book"! Lose the Toxins is a great resource to have. I highly recommend it!”

Mia Amoroso

“Lose the Toxins is an incredibly valuable resource. The author has done all the research and compiled the resources for me. Regardless of your hair type, this book is a must-have!

The ingredients in many of the popular brands are quite harsh, doing more harm than good to my hair. I have a cupboard full of shampoos and pomades that didn’t measure up to the hype.

The homemade treatments in the book are incredible! I can’t wait to try Hot Oil Treatment for Damaged Hair. I especially love that the author considers nutrition in overall hair health. She has shown me that healthy hair starts from the inside out.

I don’t think there’s a better resource out there. I only wish Lose the Toxins was published twenty years ago. It would have save me a lot of money and saved my hair from the harsh products that I’ve been using. If you want long, healthy hair, get this book!”

Natalie Jones

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Remember, some of the things you’ll learn are:

How to choose healthier hair products. You’ll discover those secret words you need to find on the label to know that what you’re getting really is the healthier choice.
Hundreds of products listed and divided by category (i.e., shampoos, conditioners, etc.) that have less-toxic ingredients.
Toxic ingredients that you should avoid.
Recipes to make your own hair care products with simple foods from your kitchen and easy to purchase products from your local health food store.
The safest hair coloring products available on the market, but your hairdresser doesn’t know about it. a ton more!

Sharing Means Caring

Look, I’m not trying to be an arrogant know-it-all by stating that the hair care companies and those that approve their products know nothing. I’m just sharing the fact that they are not giving you all of the information you need to know to make the healthiest choices - for you. Remember, the hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. If people will buy the products and believe the hype, why not continue... it makes perfect business sense.

But YOU - the consumer, are not a commodity that can be bought and sold. You are smarter than that. You’re informed and know what to look for.

You want healthier choices for you and your family and you’ll spend the time and money finding the information so that you can protect your health and the health of your loved ones. You know that nobody will do it for you. That’s why you’re reading this letter.

By getting this guide, you’ll be able to challenge what the conventional mainstream media and officials have to say because you’ve done your research.

After all, some people will suffer and even die from illnesses and health problems that leave many baffled. But with confidence we can state that...

With recent discoveries we've made or been able to track down, we have uncovered information that we believe could aid in preventing health conditions that continue to plague our population.

We have now uncovered information and products that could help you potentially avoid conditioners that keep you from living your best life. It’s better to be informed and avoid toxic ingredients if you can right!

Healthier choices have never been bad choices!

Get the full details on all these breakthrough discoveries in this exclusive guide,
Lose the Toxins! Guide to Less-Toxic Hair Care Products.
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There is an Easy Solution

Why spend your money on harmful hair products,
when you can gain access to a list of hundreds of products
that are healthier for you — without the heavy costs
and potentially harmful side effects?

There are new products peeping up daily. Manufacturers are trying to sell you the newest hair product that will work wonders on your hair. It’s exciting, but at whose expense?

Remember, there are no regulations as to what ingredients are going into the hair products you’re buying. If you’re content putting harmful and potentially deadly ingredients on your hair and skin, that’s your choice. If you want a quick-fix, like the purchase of that $2 shampoo or perhaps you’re spending $30 on a popular brand hailed by celebrities.

You need to realize that the higher price does not necessarily mean you’re getting a better product. It could have just as many harmful ingredients as the $2 product! You just need to choose “better products”. Remember, you do have a choice – to make healthier choices.
The information is available to you...

If you want to learn how to potentially avoid the symptoms before they ever start, you need to make better, healthier decisions. Not only in what products you buy but also in the food choices you make.

You are on a quest to find healthy alternatives to what the mainstream is offering you. You want to avoid problems before they start. You want information that is going to show you how to make healthier choices for the longevity of our health. You can be there too if you take us up on this offer today. Read this guide and find out all you need to know about making better choices just like the ones mentioned.

We have shared this information with many and they are so glad that we did. Now, we welcome you to learn about these less-toxic hair products and how to eat and make healthier choices for you. Soon you could be writing providing your own good words of wisdom through your own success of making the healthier choice in your life. Beauty does not have to come at a price!

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  • How To Find Out if Where You Live Could Be Killing Your Hair.
  • How to Stop Hairline Breakage.
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